L. Doolan

Heidi Mander had done all our conveyancing work for my husband and I over the years and had always performed an outstanding service with more than reasonable rates. Her service and thorough investigating with conveyancing is the best in Queensland. My husband and I have bought a total of four homes within the past ten years. Heidi Mander has always performed the conveyancing.

To my complete dismay earlier this year I found myself in a complete disaster with my husbands Will. I had no one to turn to and for some reason I wasn’t aware of Heidi’s expertise in Family Law as well. Heidi not only sorted all my legal issues with the Will but with everything else that had gone completely array at that time.

Heidi Mander handled this with professionalism and extra compassion, she is the very best in her chosen career and I am proud to endorse her business and services.